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New salamander chytrid disease brochures from Environment Canada available

To help prevent the introduction of the Salamander Chytrid disease into North America, Environment Canada, with input from the Salamander Health Working Group, has prepared two outreach brochures. One is aimed towards members of the public and pet shop owners, while the other is aimed towards scientists and field personnel working in freshwater habitats. The brochures outline simple hygiene procedures to prevent the inadvertent introduction of disease organisms into nature when working in the field or with captives. The procedures include disinfecting field gear with bleach when moving from wetland to wetland and proper disposal of waste water from aquaria. They also describe what to do and where to report observations of sick salamanders in Canada (contact: Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative [1(306) 966‐5099].The brochures are endorsed by a number of contributors, including Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, Canadian Herpetological Society, and IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group – Canada (ASG Canada).

The two brochures can be found in the amphibians.org publication library under Manuals & Guides – French versions can also be made available.

  1. Salamander Chytrid Disease: Information for the general public and pet shop owners. Download HERE.
  2. Salamander Chytrid Disease: Information for the scientific community. Download HERE.

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