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Study maps out reptiles’ ranges, completing the ‘atlas of life’

The study’s 39 authors, from 30 institutions around the world, pulled together data on the habitats of more than 10,000 species of reptiles. ...

The toughest snake on Earth lives in central Africa and eats baby rodents

The skin of the Calabar burrowing python is 15 times thicker and orders of magnitude harder to pierce than the average snake. The...

Alabama Salamander Gains Endangered Species Act Protection

Rare Aquatic Amphibian Gets 420 River Miles of Critical Habitat BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today protected Black Warrior waterdog salamanders under the Endangered Species...

Chris Smith – “Any day with a rattlesnake is a good day”

Chris Smith Project Administrator at explains how his fascination in "Creepy Crawlies" led him to a path on environmental science and wildlife biology. Tell me about how...

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